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What is it and what are your treatment options?
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What are Hand & Wrist Fractures?

The human hand has 27 bones: the carpus or wrist account for 8; the metacarpus or palm contains 5; the remaining 14 are digital bones, your fingers, and thumb. The eight bones of the wrist are arranged in two rows of four. Hand and wrist injuries are extremely common because the hand and wrist are constantly used. Manual laborers, athletes, and active individuals are most at risk.

Common Causes:

  • Accidently strikes their hand or wrist with or against a solid object
  • Falls on an open or closed hand
  • Makes a fist and punches a solid object

Symptoms of a Hand/Wrist Fracture may include:

  • Pain
  • Swelling and bruising
  • Inability to grip
  • Anatomical deformity

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms immediately seek treatment by making an appointment with Orthopedic Physicians Alaska (OPA) Hand Specialist.

When you arrive for your initial consultation, an Orthopedic Physicians Alaska (OPA) Hand Specialist will evaluate your areas of concern, discuss your symptoms, and develop a customized and comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your unique needs. This evaluation is a necessary part of diagnosing your condition and providing the best possible care.

When diagnosing a hand or wrist fracture, our experts will provide:

  • A medical, injury, and symptom history review
  • A physical examination
  • Multiple view x-rays

Once an official diagnosis is made, a customized treatment plan is prescribed. Treatment plans decrease symptoms as quickly as possible and then treat your underlying cause.

Common Treatments:

Immobilization is the most common nonsurgical treatment option. Dr. Ala will create comfortable custom-made cast, splint, or bracing. They help bones perfectly align and heal. Addition to immobilization the following may be prescribed:

Anti-Inflammatory Medications

Prescribed to decrease inflammation and pain.

Hand Therapy

Prescribed after the fracture is healed.

Surgery is recommended for some fractures and breaks—specifically those that cause joint misalignments and deformities. During a closed reduction percutaneous pinning (CRPP), Our expert manipulates the hand or wrist to realign the bones. A small pin is used to fixate the bones. No incision is made. During an open reduction internal fixation (ORIF), Our physician realigns the bones through an incision. A metal plate and screws are used to fixate the bones. The hand or wrist is immobilized in a splint after both procedures. Bone healing takes place over many weeks. A strong solid bone forms after recovery.

At OPA, our Board Certified and Fellowship Trained Orthopedic Hand Specialists are experts in treating hand and wrist fractures.

If you are in pain and would like a treatment solution you should contact OPA to schedule an appointment at our location in Anchorage.

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